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Frequently asked questions.
Q.        Do you make clothes from scratch?
    A.      Yes we do. If you have a picture, bring the picture or if you   
             have  a garment you would like copied bring the garment.
Q.        Can I bring a pattern and my fabric?
    A.      Yes,  we will use your pattern if you already have one, or if
              you want design changes to your pattern we can do that also.
Q.      What is the turn- around time for custom dressmaking/tailoring?
     A.      We usually ask for at least two to three weeks, depending on
              the garment.  If your garment is more complicated, we will 
              ask for more time.  If it is less complicated or you really need
              it in a hurry we will do our best to accommodate your time
              frame. Please keep in mind, additional charges may apply for
              rush orders.
Q.       Do you make wedding dresses?
     A.      Yes, within reason. There are certain embellishments that we are
              not able to duplicate, such as embroidery, we do not have an
              embroidery machine (yet) and would not be able to duplicate 
             such styles; however, there are appliqués, lace and beadings 
             available that we would be able to achieve a similar look.
Q.       Do you make prom dresses and bridesmaid dresses?
    A.      Yes, but please read the answer above.
Q.      I thought having clothes made is cheaper.
    A.      Cheaper than what?  It all depends on your personal style and
              what you’re trying to achieve.  If you find a dress in a high 
              fashion mmagazine that was designed by a well known designer,   
              Yes, I’m ppretty sure I can make the dress, suit, .. a little
              cheaper. But if  you go to the local mall and would like a copy of
              a dress, suit, …   no, it will either be around the same price or a 
            little more expensive.
Please keep in mind your reasons and the advantages of having your garment custom made. 
1.      You get a garment custom fit to your size
2.      You get to choose your fabric
3.      You get to customize your garment from the original or from scratch
4.      You end up with a one of a kind garment. Not something that just came off a rack.
Your fabric choice also dictates the final cost of your garment.  If you choose a better quality fabric such as linen,  silk or chiffon, there are  two things to remember, one,  it is more difficult to work with so my price may be higher,  and two,  it is a better quality fabric that will cost more than a synthetic fabric.
Q.       Do you make tailored men’s suits
    A.      No, we can do casual suits, pants, shirts or sportswear for men.  A 
             formal tailored suit for men entails different aspects of sewing 
            that i did not study. But we do tailor men's suits.
Q.        Do you make drapery?
    A.      Yes,
Q.       Does your price include the fabric,
    A.      No, the prices quoted are for services only, not the fabric.
Thank you for viewing these questions, and I hope we have answered yours, but in case we haven’t,
Please feel free to give us a call 919-783-7770.